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Be a Guest Expert on the Show

Each of our episodes are about 20-40 minutes. Be prepared to provide valuable content for listeners, and you are welcome to have something specific to promote such as an upcoming event, contest, subscription, or book, but keep in mind not all listeners will hear the message before your offer expires. The concept behind the podcast experience is that the MP3 files are always available well into the future. New listeners months and possibly years after the date of your episode’s release will be downloading and listening. I accept guest experts on a variety of genealogical and historical significance in Ohio or having to do with researching the history of people in Ohio. You may be a librarian, archivist, city or county employee, cemetery or funeral home worker, or museum curator, re-enactor, history professor, or or experienced researcher, author, or speaker. Am I missing anyone?

Interviews are recorded via either Skype audio, which I handle the recording on my end. There is no need for you to be technical other than using Skype and a decent microphone. I also on occasion will visit in person and do an interview on location at a museum or historic site. Let me know if you have some knowledge to share and artifacts or records to assist listeners with their research.

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