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3 – Find Family Heirlooms in the Poor House

Visiting and recording on location, Jeff speaks with Holly Hartlerode, curator of the Wood County Historical Center & Museum about it’s building as the former infirmary, or the poor house as it was known, and the items it now has on display, which include the World War I exhibit, Over There! Send Word… The Wood County Boys […]

2 – Did Your Family Experience the Holocaust?

Jeff visits the Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education and speaks with the director, Sarah Weiss, and the collections manager, Cori Silbernagel about the purpose and vision of the organization, and the items on display. Show Notes Jeff introduces Sarah and Cori, and Sarah begins with an introduction of the how the organization got started. Cori fills […]

No St. Patrick’s Day in Ohio?

Ohio does not officially recognize St. Patrick’s Day. Is it because there is not enough Irish representation? It surely isn’t a condition of preference toward being non-biased. October is recognized as German heritage month. A whole month! There are, however, under the radar, secret gatherings in the state. Cleveland has been known to be one of […]

1 – Wayne County Library Lock-in

Deborah Kitko, Genealogy Librarian of the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster, describes the people and places of Wayne County and what it is like to attend a Genealogy Lock-in at the library. There are experienced researchers to assist you with your questions and guide you through the use of the computers and online databases. […]

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